Ankle Sprain And Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

I have both a recovering ankle sprain and sinus tarsi syndrome…will the sinus tarsi syndrome delay healing of the sprain? It was a bad sprain (I was in a cast boot for 3 months). I am still having a lot of pain and also want to walk on the outside of my foot… Do you know why this could be? I did not do this before the sprain and the onset of the sinus tarsi syndrome. What is the longest it takes for a sprain to heal? Thanks for your help and advice.Karen

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Sinus tarsi syndrome is usually a nerve entrapment in the area on the lateral side of the talocalcaneal joint. You can push your thumb into the hole or sinus. It contains a ligament that connects the talus to the calcaneus, a sensory nerve and a plug of fat. It can sometimes be involved in an ankle sprain.Sometimes this area needs an injection of cortisone. Sometimes an orthotic or ankle brace works. As far as guessing about the healing, I can’t really say since I did not examine you.


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