At my wits end with Orthotics

I have recently (3 months ago) had a second pair of orthotics made. The first (which cost a fortune) were supposed to correct the alignment of my body (particularly the right side) My right foot rolled in to much and this can be felt when walking etc, thus effecting my knee, then my hip and then lower back, all on my right side. The first ones I was told after seeking a second opinion were no good and new ones were needed. As I said three months later and I am no better off. My knees ache more (usually when the orthotics are in my shoes) the soles of my feet are getting sharp pinching pains. Its an effort to stand up for to long. I have been getting MORE back pain now in my mid and upper back which I am putting down to these orthotics but no one seems to have any answers. I cannot keep going back to the Podiatrist who seems to think they are perfect. I have been referred for blood tests but I have had them done twice already, all clear. What am I to do? This is effecting my life in a big way now and seems to be getting worse. Does anyone have any ideas, all advice would be much appreciated.


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