Broken tibia and fibula 3 years ago!

Three years ago today, I broke both the tibia and fibula in my right ankle and dislocated it. I needed surgery to put in 8 pins, a screw and a plate. I was non-weightbearing for 3 months, then rehab for 3-4 months (walked with brace or cane), then surgery to remove all again a year after accident. It has never quite been the same.
I was 31 when I broke it and I still have pain in it. It hurts when I walk alot, stand alot, etc.
The ortho took an xray and says it looks healed and no visible arthritis is present. He said that does not mean it isn’t there. He gave me celebrex, which helped a little. How long will this go on? He said since it was such a serious injury, it will very likely never be “normal” and their will be pain. If the pain gets worse, then he may scope it. Am I destined to hurt forever? Flexibility is also not as good as the other side and it still twists very easily if I trip, etc.. I wanted to go snowboarding this winter (first time in the snow since I broke it) and I am afraid I will be in pain for days afterwards! Thanks!

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    When we break a bone we are more likely for arthritis to set in. You may also have damaged the nerves a little, thus the constant pain. Are you still doing your ankle exercises? Maybe you should wear the brace if your still twisting it. I suggest you do your resistive ankle exercises. Use heat and do your stretches. As for the snowboarding…..go at your own risk. Good luck. Mya


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