Cast boot or hard cast

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I wrote asking you about pressure felt on my ankle.
Turned out to be a small fracture.
I was put in a cast boot and on crutches but I hate the boot.
Is there and medical reason that I should have the cast boot and not a normal fiberglass cast?


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without evaluating your situation, I can not give you an exact answer. There are reasons when you would use a cast such as a very large or very small individual who a cast boot would not fit well. Non compliance is another good reason. A cast boot is alot easier to put on and take off. If I have done a surgery, I can monitor progress, swelling, skin reactions, etc. For injuries, I can pad it as the swelling goes down. I can’t do that in a cast. It is also alot more convenient to use a cast boot than to apply a cast. There is more work involved in removing a cast. Some insurances will not reimburse us for the supplies and work involved in putting on a cast and removing it.Did you discuss your concerns with your doctor?


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    I talked to the doctor today and explained my dislikes of the cast boot and he was able to put my leg into a regular hard cast. I like it much better. It is smaller, lighter, and makes my foot not to hot because more air can enter the cast by my toes with the wider opening. Thanks


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