condition after boxer’s fracture

I had my hand, finger and wrist wrapped in a cast (ulmer splint I believe is called) for almost a month because of a boxer’s fracture… right hand pinky finger. I got it removed and now i’ve noticed that the range of motion of my pinky is completely messed up (comparing it to the one on the other hand, the left hand). I cannot make a tight fist, if I bend my fingers backwards the pinky doesn’t go all the way, I cannot open my hand, separating the fingers too much. Is this normal?Seems like the knuckle of the pinky has fused rigid and this messed up pinky also messes up the ring finger next to it. Since it is my right hand and I have always had very flexible hands and fingers and considering I work with myhands, I would appreciate any feedback on this. I had my 5th methacarpal put in place (and pretty re-broken) to avoid it from healing bent out of shape and with a protuberance on the back side of my hand but this is all just wonky. Thanks in advance.G.

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    any luck bending that pinky cause I’ve got the same thing, except I kept the protruberance, but I got that stiff pinky fused knuckle feeling goin’ on…


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