foot drop

I think that from walking to much one day that I got shine splints, pain in my left shine from the knee to the top of my foot, hurt for a couple weeks, then I started to get leg cramps at night, in the back of my calf and the arch of my foot just from steching, now my left foot will not pick up corectly. It is very uncomfortable, and I need to be able to work. Can you give me any information?

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear Venna My name is Dr. Gambale and I am a chiropractor for more then 22 years. This could be a indication of a serious neurological problem.You sould see a medical specialist or a Chiropractor as soon as posible.If you need more healp in your problems please fell free to contact me at toll free 877-602-7248 or online or email me at [email protected] regards Curvesolutions team Dr. Gambale


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