hip pain and lower abdomin

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This may sound really weird.
It does to me.
I have pain in my left hip, but not when I step.
The pain comes when I lift my left foot off the ground to take another step.
It feels almost like it is either deep in my left hip/pelvis area or in my lower abdomin.
I have not gone to the doc yet, not sure which doc to go to! The pain is severe though and hinders me from doing basic everyday things.
I hope someone answers me soon.


    Dr. Brian

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    Sorry for taking so long to reply. I have 2 clinics which only allow me about an hour to reply to this messageboard each week.
    Anyways, it sounds like your problem may be a Psoas Muscle Strain. This muscle is also known as a “hip flexor” muscle. It helps you lift your leg off the ground, like the motion that causes you pain. Do you recall any exercises that you have done recently? The Psoas muscle is a large circular muscle that attaches to the posterior part of your abdomen. That may account for the left, deep abdomen pain. However, depending on how long the injury has been, you still may want to get it evaluated by a doctor to be safe, and to rule out other possibilities. Treatment for this may be best treated by a massage therapist. Also, a chiropractor or physical therapist will be able to stretch the muscle out. You may also look online for Psoas Muscle stretches, which are very common.


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