My doctor prescribe Lamisil for nail fungus on one of my nail. I have read some not so good things about Lamisil. I am 43 and above average health, actually I’m a high level athlete. I don’t drink nor smoke but I’m a little concerned about this drug – my liver. I’ve read of nature remedies and I feel a lot more comfortable with this solution. Just need some advice.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Your doctor should have told you more about the medication. First of all it has been out for a number of years. Second it is a well tolerated drug. Having said that, no drug including over the counter drugs such as aspirin and Tylenol are completely benign. Your doctor can send your for a screening liver function test and again at 6 weeks later. If you go on the website lamisil you can get more information.As far as natural remedies, I am not aware of any that are successful. There are many anecdotal reports. If there was something that worked great, the drug companies would figure out a way to market it and charge more.You should discuss this further with your doctor and make your decision based on information.Hope this helps.


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