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ancle and heel pain


I went to the doctor because I was having tremendous pain in the heel of my foot, it was throbbing at times. I was also experiencing a burning pain on the outer side of my ancle. The pain would become more significant when I walked up stairs or even bend my ancle slightly.
The doctor told me that I have a case of Planter Facia, and a tear in my ikillies tendon. He said that the Planter Facia part takes about 4 weeks to go away. It is now 4 weeks and it is going on still w/o improovement. I need help the pain is excrutiating at times. So far for my theropy I have tried soaking it in hot water, with epsomsalt. I have tried wrappimng it in a heating pad also, and that works for just a little bit. I have tried the blue emu cream and that takes the edge off. I need to know if there is anythig else I can try, or do you think I might need a second opinion and get x-rays of it.


  1. I recommend you see another doctor- preferably a podiatrist or an orthopedist. If you have a torn Achillies tendon, I think further evaluation and treatment should occur.Good luck.

    • dr. abrams :my problem is more than having 3 strokes , and open heart surgery , i can not straighten my right foot out to walk, the knee area hurts and the foot will not go flat to walk , i suffer with alot of like charlie horse pain in the shin and i bust out crying , the dr’s know i have nerve damage but i know there it something else wrong and they don’t want to hear it , my girlfriend had this problem and thinks i may have achillies tendons , please advise me what to do as this get’s so severe that i can’t sleep or rest i’am in a wheelchair since my heart surgery in 2000,( the only time i’m out of it is when i’m trying to rest ), but i know it’s not just the nerve damage it is very painful at time, theres not a day that goes by that i don’t have pain some where, i’de appreciate any information you can advise , thank you very much ….