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arthritis and ankle replacements


Do to series of injuries from the age of 8yrs old to adulthood, I have severe degenerative arthritis from my head to my toes, so to speak. I had left hip replaced in 1997, right hip needs replacing now, but even more painfull is left ankle (right ankle is going that direction also).
Is ankle replacement a viable option?
What is recovery time?
How long to they last?
I am only 48yrs old, but must have some relief.

Thank You

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  1. I am sorry, I do not perform ankle replacements. Historically, ankle implants have been disappointing. I have heard of trials that are done in large clinical settings. Most of what I have seen is that the ankle is fused in a fixed position. The recovery can take many months. What I have done for many people with degenerative ankle arthritis is utilize an AFO brace locked in position. One example is a Ritchie brace and variations such as the Platinum and Sure Step brace) The Arizona Ankle brace is also quite useful.