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Atlas question again!


The chiropractor felt they had the atlas where it belonged and wanted to lengthen the time between visits to allow his body to maintain it’s position.
HOWEVER, he passed out twice Monday and hit the floor both times, and also passed out today and hit the floor, which I’m sure is consistently knocking everything back out of whack.
The doc also indicated today that surgeons won’t work on the atlas/axis as far as permanent placement.
We are looking into getting the MRI/MRA, but don’t know how long that will take, even if it finds anything.
We are at our wits end. Can you offer any further suggestions?
We appreciate your time.

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  1. We live in northeast Indiana. Closest larger city is Ft. Wayne. Also have Marion, Muncie, Kokomo. Indianapolis possible but furthest away. Didn’t know there was such a thing as a chiropractic neurologist. Thanks again. Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. I would love to agree that there’s more to it if someone could just discover what that is! *sigh* He has major flucuations in symptoms each time he’s adjusted, but as far as improvement of symptoms, none. She wants to adjust less often to see if it makes a difference. He had a CT scan of his head back in August, but not an MRI or MRA. I’d not heard of the MRA. I will contact our regular MD about that. That and a spinal tap are the only major tests we are aware exist that have not been ran. We’ve had numerous possible diagnoses, but nothing ever came of them. Always dead ends. Heart, neuro, syncope, even Lymes disease! Have you ever ran into anything like this before?

  3. I think there is something going on deeper than a atlas/axis misalignment. Has your husbands symptoms changed at all under chiropractic care? I still think a MRA is a good idea. Has he had a CT scan or MRI of the brain?