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Back in JULY I sprained my ankle… it is almost OCTOBER and …


This past July I was on a Snowboarding trip and I sprained my ankle.. I had xrays taken and all that stuff. and I have been going to physical theropy since JULY..i was told it was a grade 2 sprain. and my ankle is still not better.. I am starting to feel that I am waisting my time and money going to the PT. because it is now almost October. and i can only jog slightly.. (with alot of pain). in july i was in excelent shape and i am now majorly out of shape… it is driveing me CRAZY…what should i do??? how can my ankle gey better… i have never hurt the ankle befor.. and i know it should be healed by now.


  1. in a football practice i didn’t strech right and i pulled my quad. i went to physical theropy and it helped out alot. i also needed to do strectes myself.

    • in 1996 i fractured my right ankle it hurt so bad i didnt think i could go on with the pain/…..i was wondering maybe if you could tell me what is wrongwith it… i feel sharp pains in the right side of my foot shooting up my leg… and inner pain too i even work in a physical theropists office as a co op student just trying to learn more about it… if possible you could sent me things that could help me learn more about ankles and just exactally what physical theropy means … thank your for your time….jenn