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crushed heel


I had a shattered heel. The surgeon put in a titanium plate and screw. Extreme pain after surgery. I am now three weeks out of a walking shoe. My foot is sore and stiff. I am wondering why my doctor did not recommend therapy.
He said to do it on my own for three months and if I had not improved then he will send me to therapy.
It is hard to self inflict pain on myself.
Will my foot not progress as normal if I do not try to exercise it?

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  1. Hope you are getting along o.k. I fell 25ft. Dec2,1974 No therapy for me either cause the bones would move all-over.Took me 2 years to go back to work for 2hrs. a day What pain.Had about 8 surgery’s to fuse the joints while working on and off.Worker’s compensation was valued at 25% disabled.ButI hope this doesn’t happen to you.I got compresssed nerves in both feet and they didn’t realize it till 3 years ago, did the surgery’s but didn’t help, now i’m on morphine daily for the nerve pain. But good orthics do help ,They say live with it ,kill the nervers or cut the feet off. Not much to look for sorry.

  2. I too shattered my left heel falling off a ladder onto a sidewalk. Had surgery in August 2007 to install a plate with 8 screws. I have stayed active as much as possible.I have continued to teach indoor cycling Classes which has induced circulation, but I pay for it hours later. My DR. says I’m ahead the the average but times a cry to sleep. I share your pain.

  3. I crushed both my heels in a 29 foot fall on December 5, 2006. I spent 17 days in the hospital and had titanium and screws put in each foot. I was in a wheelchair for 5 months and crutches for about 6 weeks. I just started to walk on my own about two weeks ago and it was painful at first. I had 4 months of physical therapy which seemed to help a lot.I am now almost 8 months into this injury and I know that I will never be able to walk and run like I use to. I am thankful that I can at least walk again.

    • My heel was crushed when a 1000 lb side by side ATV rolled over onto my left foot. This accident happened Sept 16,07. Cat scan revealed no broken bones. The outside of the heal sustained a circular blow out, much like a squashed grape, and required 5-6 stitches. The attending ER Dr. was concerned that the stitches might not hold because the flesh was like “Hamburger”.At present, the foot is still swollen in the area of the ankle which is very stiff. When the ankle is below my waste for longer than 90 seconds it starts throbbing intensely and is only relieved with elevation. The heal is numb from the middle- bottom of my foot, back to the vertical portion of the heal.I am told to try and walk on it, take Phyisical Therapy and it should heal. I am concerned that it still throbs as mentioned, and is still numb.Should I be more aggresive, seek further medical help, or just keep waiting for the swelling to subside. I am concerned about compartment syndrome, paralysis, and further complications. Have I waited to long already? Have I underestimated this injury or is this normal? Thanks for any information you may have,Joe Carter

  4. Tell your doc that you would REALLY like to see a PT…What state are you in? 47 states have direct access for physical therapy…that means you do not require a doctors script to see one. Call a local PT office and ask them.