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Dislocated Shoulder& Clavical???


Anyone out there ever heard of a dislocated clavical???If so, what are the ramifications??? Football carreer over??


  1. I have a lump on my chest right about where the end of the my clavical is. I had a bad accident in Sept , brike 4 ribs in 8 places, tore my knee, and have this unfortunate lack of strength in my right arm(same one that has the lump). I’m am ambidextiourus(or however its spelled). but this sensored because I work in a field that requires heavy lifting ing not so usual postions and I also am a very avid bowler that could be PBA. but can’t throw the ball consistant right now because of the problems with my shoulder. I have a hard time picking up either oneone of my twin boys at 80 lbs a piece. Are there any corrective surgeries?

  2. I dislocated my clavical in the spring of 2006 while playing hockey. I endured the pain for about two months before seeking medical help. A spesensoredt friend of mine told me that an operation would only make matters worse and told me that by Sept I would be able to start playing hockey again. Sure enough, the pain was gone and I have gone through a season of 173 games with no problem. I do feel some tightness when I do heavy lifting but no pain.

  3. Yes, I have heard and now am living with a dislocated right clavical. I have all sorts of problems stemming from the dislocation. I have shoulder pain neck and upper back pain as the muscles are in spasm after use. I am seeing a doctor for this and have yet to find any relief. I have had an injection of cortizone into the joint and that worked for 2 months. Then the pain returned. I have had x rays, 2 mri’s and physical therapy which after 3 weeks only made the muscles spasm more. I am currently waiting to go for trigger point injections and am looking for any type of relief- even considered acupuncture. ANY HELP OUT THERE?? I will try anything to get back my range of motion without such pain.

  4. I’m dealing with this now — can’t seem to get much info online on it — but am hoping when the swelling goes down it’ll go back to where it was.