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Fractured Knuckle?


I punched a wall about a day ago. It is bruised and swollen, it also looks deformed compared to my other knuckle on my left hand. It is my middle knuckle on my right hand. I was wondering if I should go to the doctor? Can they do anything for me even if it is broken? Will something happen if i do not get it fixed? I would just like to know if i should go get an x-ray and go to my doctor. Thanks.


  1. ice pack on it, brings out the bruising, try and get hold of tyrenol i think its called, its what i was given after a particularly violent boxing match!!

  2. Hi Kevin,Yup, you should see a doctor and get an x-ray. If your knuckle is broken and you don’t go the right way about setting it, it could heal incorrectly and affect the use of that finger.That is sort of what happened to me after I fractured my finger. (i’m the one who posted the question about exercises for my finger, but no one has answered me).Hope your knuckle heals all right. Sophie

    • Is it possible for a chiropractor to help with the healing process of a factured knuckle?I am presently going into baseball playoffs and need to play – is it okay for me to play? I had it x-rayed and it shows only a fracture in the fifth knuckle – no where else.Please give me your comments