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I was diagnosed with hammertoe in 2001.
I have seen several doctors since and all, with the exception, being a representative of the Veterans Administration, did not diagnose the hammertoe.
He states “There was not evidence of hammertoe.” “The diagnosis is that there was not pathology today to render a diagnosis.”Can hammertoe, once diagnosed, disappear without the proper treatment?
James Scott

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  1. The Veteran Affairs doctor used the terminoloy “right foot trauma with residual second toe deformity” to diagnose my feet. What is the difference between it and hammertoe?

  2. : The Veterans Affairs used the terminoloy to diagnose my feet as right foot trauma with residual second toe deformity, what is the difference between hammertoe, if any?

  3. It is unlikely a hammertoe would disappear as it is a positional or bony deformity of the toe. What might be confusing the issue is possibly a corn that occurred due to the hammmertoe that might have disappeared. An example of this can happen when poorly fitting shoes are fitted properly, or there is a change in the level of activity, or weight loss