Adult, uni-latteral foot growth

I have noticed that over that last year or so, that the size of my left foot has increase from an8.5 to a size 10.
I saw a local podiatrist who ex-rayed my foot and denoted that I did not have fallen arches and could see anything wrong with the foot.
I do notice a pulsing sensation in the big toe of that foot.
Other than that, I do not have any indication that something is different in this foot.
This doctor claims that my foot is actually growing and that he has never heard or seen this in his 20 years of practice.
He referred me to an endocrenologist.
Any help you could render would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    I have not seen this situation in 27 years of practice. I think an endocrinologist is ok to see but if I had to suspect something, I would think a vascular malformation would be a possibility. You might want to consider seeing a vascular specialist.


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