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How to do a split


I want to learn to do a split because I want to be a cheerleaer


  1. We here at the University Of Ontario have discovered a very easy way to losen up your muscles.Do a split as much as you can hold it for about 40 seconds then ejaculate using your hand.this is PROVEN to work.If you have any further questions please e-mail me at

  2. : I want to learn to do a split because I want to be on the dance team. So please tell me the best way. I tried there for a while for 2 months I made progress but I still couldnt do one. Ive played sports for 5 years includin basketball, track, and volleyball. My mom thinks that maybe thats why my hamstrings are so tight. Well anyways if you can help please do…lol.

  3. : I want to learn to do a split because I want to be a cheerleaer. Being a cheerleader is totally kool..i get to be noticed and everything..its just popularity..i AM populat but its just being a cheerleader gets even more attention..BUT THE PROLBLEM IS..I DONT KNOW HOW TO..PLEASE HELP

  4. AT LEAST U HAD THE GUTS TO TRY OUT I AM A CHEERLEADER OF 6 YEARS NOW,IT TAKES TIME TO LEARN HOW TO DO A SPLIT. I STRETCH EVERYDAY EVERY CHANCE I GET I DO IT ON A FLOOR MAt or if u have a trampoline. sumwhere soft. i put on leg in front of me and the other behind me and i slide down on my fists to hold me up. i take my back leg and bend it up so i sit on my knee. and push my fornt leg all the way down then i push my back leg out straight then push it down….thats how i learned..but now i can do it the right way. it hurts the first few times but keep trying and u will get it…make sure u stretch first!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ u can email me a if u want tips on anythign else…remember to smile

  5. i would like to know what exercise i would have to do to learn the splits and be able to do extensions. i am going to try out for a college cheering squad and i would like to learn how.thanks veronica allen

  6. hey i didnt make the cheerleading team this year but i havent gave up yet could you give me some tips im not that flexable and i want to do a split eventually.

  7. dear i dont no your name i like totaly wont to be a cheerlearder it hs been my total dream and the only thing is i carnt do the splits HELP and by the way do you no were there is a good cheerleading club in england near leicestershre?from soniaps. please email bake

    • ok first sit down on your butt in open your legs as far as you can then put your body up when your legs still out in go back down keep on trying ok did you do it sorry if you did not gret job if you did sorry for not writing peroids for give me i am in a rush in i hope you can do it by Janae Edwards

  8. All girls can do splits… they’re built that way so they can put their feet behind their ears during sex.

    How to Do A Split Tutorial