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Morning foot pain – plantar fascitis?


I’ve been having pain on the bottom of my left foot, right behind my big and second toes (around the ball of the foot). It is most intense first couple of steps in the morning, and that symptom matches plantar fascitis. But isn’t plantar fascitis pain more towards the back of the foot, near the heel? This is right behind the toes.
Sometimes it hurts later in the day also, but usually its more of a problem if I am walking around the house barefoot.
While wearing shoes, I rarely feel pain.

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  1. Certainly, the treatments so far have been comprehensive. It is difficult to even suggest a diagnosis, since I have not examined you but one of the things I would consider would be Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. A neurologist might be a good choice to do an EMG. Some of the symptoms you describe sound like Tarsal Tunnel syndrome.