Bone bruise?

It’s been very uncomfortable for me to walk for the past 5 days as the bone and/or joint of the underside of my big toe (left foot) has been very sensitive and any pressure put on it is painful.
I think it may have been caused by wearing heels which I don’t normally do.
Could this be just a normal bruise or anything else?
If I wear shoes it seems to be better, but I can’t walk properly without shoes and it is most painful first thing in the morning.
I have purchased some foot padding for that area of my foot but could you tell me if there is anything else that will help?
Unfortunately as I am walking on the left side of my foot instead of flatly I’ve made the whole foot stiff as I’m walking unevenly which does not make matters any better!
I’m shortly going on holiday and can’t bear the thought of hobbling around!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    There are 2 small bones under the 1st metatarsal head called sesamoids. Your knee cap is the largest sesamoid in your body. These bones can sometimes become inflamed or even fractured. An x-ray and / or a diagnostic ultrasound can be very helpful to diagnose this. Sometimes I have my patients try a Silipos universal gel strap to cushion the area. Sometimes, A cast boot is indicated to let the area remain still so it can heal.


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