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muscle spasm ?


This is pathetic, since I consider myself an athlete normally. Yesterday I wasn’t exercising – I was quite lazy, in fact.
Walking to the mailbox I had a sudden crippling pain from my mid back ribs to the same place on the other side (under my left breast). If I try to twist in either direction, there is a lot of pain.
Walking to the mailbox, for God’s sake.
Should I see my chiropractor, or wait it out?

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  1. Many times the spine will have vertebrae that will come out of proper alignment, the body will compensate for this and you can go for quite some time with no symtoms. Then you do something trivial like going to the mail box and BAM! Your back goes out. The body has finally loss the ability to compensate. There are many causes for the type of the symptoms you have. My first thought is like I said, misalignment. You could have a rib that has moved out of position or simply a muscle spasm. Other causes can be shingles (look for a rash that follows the rib), pleurisy (inflammation of the pleura), Osteochondritis (inflammation of bone and cartilage)etc. A chiropractor can determine the cause and see whether or not it is a problem that can be managed with chiropractic care.