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Navicular Accessory


My daughter keeps rolling her ankle inward.
She was diagnosed as having a navicular accessory.
What is the best type of ankle support for her to wear during softball?


  1. I’m not a doctor; but had two accessory navicular resection surgeries (one on each foot) a couple of years ago (separate times) as a 42 year old male. Late response to your posting as I just thought of Web-searching this topic due to another. Anyway, recovery was tough — just cause of crutches & overweight. PT recovery was a bit of work too, but more strength building tough than painful (BAPS board was fun in a way). Net effect: much better feet and moving great in tennis. e-mail me if you like

  2. Fawn,There are many good ankle braces on the market, and you can do an engine search on any search engine (such as “Google”). I would advise you try the term “descriptions of ankle braces”. I have had good success over the years with the “Swede-O Inner Lok 8 Ankle Brace”, or the braces made by “McDavid” or similar canvas lace-up braces. Make sure she gets one with either heavy canvas, or rigid plastic; don’t get the neoprene ones, or the “pull-on” kind. The brace needs to be rigid enough to prevent the ankle from rolling (inversion). You might want to do an engine search for “ankle rehabilitation exercises” for ways to strengthen her ankle, or bring her to see a PT or ATC. Make sure she breaks in the ankle brace slowly to prevent any possible initial blisters.Good luck, and please keep us posted on what you decide to do/buy for her.