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My 15 year old daughter plays competitive volleyball.
She has never had a serious ankle injury (only sprains).
What’s the prevailing theory on wearing ankle braces?
Should she wear braces to prevent injury and risk weaking the ankles or she not wear braces on her normal, healthy ankles until there is an injury?
Is it true that braces even weaken the ankles?

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    Personally, I’ve had so many ankle injuries I find it hard to do anything without them. From my perspective being a little shy on ligiments in my ankles, they’re really the only thing preventing my from breaking my ankle when playing strainuous multi-directional sports. However considering the idea if it weakens your ankles, i’d have to disagree. Sure it holds your ankles from swaying side-to-side, but I don’t think it makes it any easier to move them in a forward direction, if anything it makes it a little harder. I wear mine for most sporting or running I do, but I have to say when I don’t, its like a weights been removed from my feet and can move 2x as strongly. I would have to ask how severe the sprains have been, because when you define a ‘serious injury’ I’d have to rate a few of my sprains worse than breaks. Honestly I can’t see any harm in wearing them, I don’t think it weakens ur ankles, more likely strengthens them in the motion u use them, and at the same time preventing injury… But I’m no expert, all of this is just speaking from my experience with ankle braces….


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