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Neck/Back issues past several years


Ok this is a really hard thing to explain. First off to say, it is not painful, just very discomforting. My neck, for approximately the last 5 years, has been weird, it like feels uneven like one side is heavier than the other so I crack it ( I hear it cracking but no one else does ) but I crack it constantly and its embarassing. Some days are better than others but if I try to not crack it, it seems to make it harder.
Just recently my back has started to become the same way, approximately 6 months, I twist it often trying to make it “even”. I almost feel pressure on my heart when i crack my back…
Also like to add that I cant sit still in bed because I am always needing to crack my back to “re addjust it”… I end up cracking my neck or back and it feels better for a second but then not long after, it feels lighter on one side.
I dont understand why it is like this and I am scared it is just going to get worse, please anything would help.

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  1. Dear Jessica,You should visit a Chiropractor who can adjust the spine back to its normal “even” position. This problem you have, likely has developed over many years and it may take a chiropractor same significant time to correct it.To understand better the problems of your health please fell free to visit as online at curvesolutionsusa . com or call our toll free number 877-602-7248Kind regardsDr Anthony GambaleCurve Solutions Team