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Physical Therapy


I am in the 10th grade and I wont to be a phisical therapist. What classes do I need to be a physical therapist to make it easier for me in college.


  1. There is a great phisical therapist were I live and he is just a great role model to me and many others i want to follow in his foot steps.

  2. I am in 11 grade and I want to be a Pysical Therapist. I don’t know what collage I’m going tooor wicht one is the bets.

  3. First, you really do need to learn to spell properly! No need to consider being a PT if you cannot read and write well. Obviously, you must also be well versed in the math and science courses.

    • Wow – what an inappropriate response. The girl posting this question is a teenager in high school. She obviously does know how to spell the word in question, as she goes on to spell it correctly in the next sentence. You must be a pretty pathetic person to need to criticize another person’s honest spelling mistake. Seriously, get a life! By the way, I am a former journalist, and well-versed is one word, hyphenated! Maybe you should work on your own grammar before criticizing others.For Brittany, My boyfriend is in DPT (doctorate of physical therapy) school, and the main subjects covered are the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology). The more of these classes that you can take before college the better. Ignore this jerk and don’t let him discourage you. You’re going to find as you get older and set goals for yourself that small people will try to keep you down, and that’s all this is – a small person with nothing better to do than criticize the miniscule. She/he’s probably just a miserable person. Good luck with your career goals!