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possible broken toes


My TV set fell on the 3 middle toes of my right foot the pain is exurciating and I can’t put the weight of my body on my foot. My toes appear swollen and it hurts to touch them or move them.
What should I do?

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  1. ok i was in my room when i heard the door bell ring. i opened the door and ran out, the problem was that i forgot that the floor was slipery. so… i sliped . ifell on my side , and all i could feel was a burning sensation on my left foot , middle three toes, my toes are still swollen are they broken?

  2. : a one liter bottle of frozen water fell out of the frezzer and on to my foot. one of my toes has turn blueish black and i am unable to move it. What should i do

  3. Yesterday I kicked the door of my Bathroom, I had on my Skeetcher Tennis Shoes when I did this. The Big toe is swollen almost to twice the size of normalcy. I am unable to walk with full weight of my body on this foot unless I put the weight on the outter side of my heel and my little toe and ball under the little outer toe. There is a bluish color to my Large toe on the innerside, and leading down towards the top of the foot where the toes meet. I am able to barely bend the tow downwards due to the swelling, and am completley unable to bend it upwards as the pain is unbearable! Any suggestions as to what should be done? I unfortunaltly do not have insurance as my Husband was laid off last September, and have not seeked any professional help. Thank you.

  4. i was running out of my door and i slipped and fell and whacked my toe on the dooe frame and my toe seems out of place and swolen and i cant move it much and it hurts to move it it will only move a little bit though is it broken or just sprained?

  5. when i go walking my middle 3 toes become very painful. i’ve also noticed that these same toes can be very painful sometimes when i dry them after i’ve had a shower but this isn’t always the case.

  6. I recommend you make an appointment with a podiatrist and get your foot x-rayed and go from there. To see is to know, not to see is to guess.