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preventing injury


about 3 weeks ago i sprained my ankle duirng my cheerleading practice. before it was completely healed, which it is still healing, although i didn’t sprain it too hard, he let me go back to cheerleading, as long as i taped it up before to prevent anymore injuries. but just yesterday i injured my ankle during cheerleading do just a back handspring and landing. i went 2 the ER and they said it was sprained even more. but the doctor said that i could go back to cheerleading when i did, and i did tape it up, how did it sprain again?

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  1. When a ligament is “sprained, it can range from slightly stretched all the way to torn. So without examining you, I can not give an exact answer. It takes anywhere from several weeks to even months for this to heal. Chronic sprains that do not heal properly can result in ankle instability. I suggest you get a good ankle brace, such as an ASO instead of taping. You might also visit a podiatrist or orthopedist.