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Right upper arm pain


I have been having pain in the area near where my bicep and tricep meet on my right arm.
The pain varies from mild to agonizing.
It gets more painful during upperbody exercise but can also get worse when I sit for long periods of time.
The pain shoots up my arm to my shoulder and down to right above my elbow.
My doctor is not sure what the problem is and what is causing it.
I used to be an avid rock climber and and I play softball and basketball.
I do not remember ever injuring it while doing any of these activities.
So I have no idea when or how it was injured. Any ideas on what is causing it and suggestions on treatment? Thanks.


  1. Right arm pain about five inches from my elbow. I have a hard time sleeping on that side and when I awake I feel a hard ache. It hurts very much to put on my bra. The shoulder doesnt hurt as much as that area and there is a band of swollen skin in that area only. I had a struke around 8 months ago and I believe it has hurt and getting worse since. I can feel the sharp pain sometimes when I am just sitting watching TV but streching out to grab something hurts the most. Please help and give me instructions on what to do. Thanks Phyllis