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Scared of symptoms


Thank you for your advice. Still have swelling. I did mention it to my Doc …he checked and said it was nothing??? I am 30 yrs old with three beautiful children, have become convinced I have some form of cancer. I was recently in the hospital overnight with A-fib. Converted on my own with beta-blocker after @24 hours. This pain in my ribs swelling is just under my left brest it seems like my ribs stick out farther in that area also sweling of chest wall up to clavicle.There is also a clicking noise in left clavicle it seems to be coming from where it meets my sternum. I am constantly worrying and becoming a little obsessive about the whole thing. Once again I thank you for your advice any other advice would be most welcome.


  1. i am a twenty seven year old mother of two that is experiecing exaclty what you describe. I have also seem the doctor numerous times about this problem and only today have recieved a referral to a chest surgeon for possible cortisone shots. My ribs is also pushed out of place and clicks, the area is quick inflammed. it also sometimes feels to rub up agianst other bones? Anyways today i was told that it may be treated with these cortisone shots maybe we could keep each other informed so we can get to the bottom of this. I have two great boys and i also feel like i am dying of some kind of cancer or lymphoma, maybe the pain is just making us nuts. KEEP ME POSTED PLEASE, and hope you feel better!!!

  2. There is a condition that is similar to your complaints. It is called Tietze’s Syndrome. It usually affects one side of the chest, normally the upper part. There is no known cause, but there is normally an inflammatory reaction at the joints between the ribs and sternum. There may be an association with coughing, trauma, or physical exertion. The area is usually tender, with swelling. A chiropractor can evaluate the movement of the rib joints. Chiropractic treatment may help, or aggravate the pain. However, this may be worth a series of treatment to see if it helps. If not, another option is corticosteroid injection, which is quite effective. Unfortunately, this problem can be recurrent.Another similar condition is Costochondritis, but this usually affects both sides of the chest.Hope this helps!Dr. Brian