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Shin Splints


My daughter age 14 complains of her shins hurting all the time.
She plays volleyball and tries to run track but has such pain it is difficult.
Please advise.
We have considered leg wraps and arch supports. Do these things help? Thanks for your advice.

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  1. I had the same problem, mine were inner and outer or anterior and medial…I was so upset, because I had just worked up to 4 miles without stopping and without throwing up! I went to a running store, owned by runners. I had just bought new shoes that they fitted me for, so I thought maybe it was the shoes. He used a rolling “stick” and “kneaded” out my calves in the back and a little towards the sides. It was very painful, but he found a pretty big “knot”. From not stretching. Apparently when there is a knot, or nodule, blood isn’t pumping through or something like that and it causes shin splints or worse. Anyway, I bought one of those sticks and I “knead” out my calves and hamstrings at night when I’m watching TV. And now I stretch, stretch and stretch again…several times a day, also before and after running. Also, he said to increase my water intake, which I wasn’t drinking it at all! I rested for 4 days, no running, and then on the 5 th day I ran a mile, walked 1/2, ran another mile, walked 1/2 and so on… Then the 2nd day, I ran 2 miles, stopped and stretched a bunch and then continued on. Now I’m running every OTHER day and I’m fine and I feel great!This was the first time I’ve ever been to an actual running store to buy shoes. It was great they looked at my shoes, my feet, watched me walk, watched me run to determine exactly which shoe would be best for me! And they were NOT the most expensive pair either!