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Side of foot and lower ankle pain


I started running again after sometime off–no reason–just fat and happy.
After three days of running less than a mile a day, I woke up with pain in my left foot–two areas.
One on bone the protrudes out a littlewhere your foot hits the ground (side of foot)–mid foot & then pain below the bone that everyone refers to as their ankle bone–sticks out.
I did not twist my ankle.
No swelling, no tdis-color.
I am a former athlete that had many, many sprains –some what loose ankle tendons.
The pain is consistent for a week now–not getting worse, but not getting better.
I have tried icing, hasn’t helped.
I can put shoes on without problem, but limp around work.
Could it be a floating chip, or something?

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  1. If you presented to my office, after examining you I would decide if x-rays would be helpful or an MRI needed for more information.