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skinny ankles


I have a problem thats been really bugging me lately. I have realy thin ankes that make my feet look funny.Is there some kind of excersise i can do to make them bigger? please help.


  1. People make fun of me when they see me in shorts, they say I have chicken legs. I want to know if there is any kind of excersise I can do that can fix my problem. Someone let me know by emailing me.

  2. i have spent most of my life in gymnasiums and around people who try to keep thier bodys in shape ,i would ask you how do you arrive at the belief your anlles are not attractive-to who are they not attractive?deer have very slender ankes and are very gracefull and beautifull.if you must have thicker ankles try sprinting and/or standing on the bottom step faceing a staircase so that you are standing with only the front part of your foot on the bottom step-hold on to something with one of your hands to keep your balance and lower yourself and then raise yourself up and down a few times,over time this will enlarge the muscles of your lower legs.