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tingling in fingers


For the last two months, I have had contact tingling, and some numbness, in all four of my fingers, not so much my thumbs.
I also have a sharp, electric surge-like feeling down my spine when I bring my chin to my chest.
I think all of this started from a change in my golf swing. Do you think it is a pinched nerve, or something else I should be concerned with?


  1. Pain down back or front of my left leg, when Iam riding in car or pickup. I have been putting it off to see a doctor, butnow it only takes 7 miles of riding and it starts to hurt. I sometimes have a hard time getting out of the car, its stiff, so I have to work it out. I think it takes about 2-15 minutes {it depends on the lenght of the ride, to how long it takes to walk it out. Now when Iam in bed, I have to stretch the left leg first so I can stand on it. if I don’t the first four steps is painful and hard to move.