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toenails falling off for no reason


Recently, the toenails have fallen off of the toe next to my big toe on both feet.
There was no injury or pain involved.
What would cause this?
Could it be medication or deficiency of something.?


  1. A few months ago i had walked several miles and noticed that my 2 toes (1 on each foot) next to the big toe looked bruised. I did notice when i cut my toenails those 2 tails seemed thicker then my other toenails. now this morning i noticed that they both are getting ready to fall off, should i be concerned?

  2. Dear doctor I told her to see a podiatric doctor and told her to put Betadine to avoid any infection or germs to develop in the toenail area.I would like to know why her toenails starting to fall with no reason.Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.Thanks,Mrs. Montes