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tricep tendonitis


I have had terrible pain in my tricep for the past two years, I had a cortison injection when I first got it, that lasted for about eighteen months and then it came back again only slightly worse, my doctor gave me another injection but that only lasted six months and now it is back worse than ever, I can’t lift my arm above shoulder level without feeling terrible pain and stiffness, and I can’t put my arm backwards or behind my back, it’s like a hundred toothaches in my arm, the pain is unbearable at times, it runs all the way down my arm and up into my shoulder. Could this be more than tendonitis.

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  1. Try accupucture. I have a similar problem that i am trying to get rid of. I haven’t found anything that works yet either but i did receive one treatment with an accupucturist and will be continuing to see him. I would like to chat with you about the specifics of your injury.

  2. I have had trouble with tricep tendonitis for three years. I have seen several doctors and have take all kinds of anti-inflammatory medications. Some doctors told me I should continue to work out and some said stop. I have tried resting for months, but soon as I resume it starts all over again. I take glucosime, omega 3&6, and many other products. It hurst when I bench press or do tricep exercises. I have had phsical theraphy and I am running out of ideas.