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Turf toe?


I woke up last Tuesday and found that my left big toeseemed to be a bit swollen, like I had jammed it.
Itwas sensitive to touch, especially on the top of my footnear at the joint where the toe connects to the foot.I’ve been icing it and thought a few days of “RICE” wouldalleviate the problem, but I’ve been favoring my left footso much that now my ankle and heel are somewhat sore.
Iam having a lot of trouble walking just because I can’tput weight on the ball of my foot (because of the toe) andI my ankle and heel cause me discomfort when I put the weight on the back of my foot.
Should I continue with the “RICE” treatment, or do I need to try something else.Thanks,Dave

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  1. : Thanks,: DaveYou don’t have turf toe. This is a hyperextension injury to this joint. Try a rigid toe shoe for a while, boots work better than dress shoes or tennis shoes. Try some warm soaks in the bathtub with real hot water for 20 min. or so each night for 2 weeks.