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Hey – I have a problem with my achilles tendon as I am a competitive tennis player and it started to hurt alot a few weeks ago. I have orthotics and I haven’t played in two weeks but I have a huge tournament coming up in 7 days and I need to get rid of the pain so I can play. Anyone know of anything I could do? The doc says its not in any danger of snapping, more of an inflamation which makes the back of my heal feel bruised.




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    Finally, somebody with similar symptoms to myself. My left heal began hurting after longer running sessions and felt bruised for a couple of days after – but the tendon was fine as was ankle motion. My guess is the burse as mikew has suggested.

    I searched for a solution and found the answer was in the calf – if it is weak, then the tendon takes the strain and the burse gets squished against the heal. I found that rest from running, plus a comprehensive calf exercise is working well.

    Stand on a stair with the ball of your feel on the end and your heels overhanging. Lift up to tip-toes using mainly the uninjured foot. Then lift the uninjured foot so the wait is on the injured foot only.

    Now slowly, focusing on the calf, lower the heal as far as it will comfortably go. When your achilles is in complete extension, replace your uninjured foot and lift back up with both feet.

    I complete 2 sets of 15 reps every day on principle but probably every other day in reality. Build up to this level over a week or so and then keep it up – perhaps building up to a third set. Your calf will be soar for the first few days as it is quite a tough exercise on the calf.

    Obviously, with a tournament to get into, you don’t want to exhaust the calf before a match, so I suggest not doing this for at least 48 hours before the tournament (ie, not the day before). Or the day after the tournament to allow time to R&R.

    It has worked for me and I hope for you. I know just how frustrating it can be to train for a big event and then have a problem like this just before the off.

    Knock ’em out…


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    If it is the achilles then getting the inflammation down is the priority – have a look at the site if you havent already.

    If it is at the back of the heel, have you had a look at :



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