achilles tendon tear

Im three weeks post surgury and the doctor said the surgury went well. I’m not aloud to put weight on it for four more weeks. I’m still having pain when I’m not elevating my foot. I work out six days a week for the past seventeen years and I’m in great shape. What can I expect from physical therepy? And how much do you go to therepy? I’m so bored I don’t know how I’m going to be able to do it any ideas?

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    You still have your arms right? Work out your upper body at the gym or whereever your work out. Usually you’ll have PT a couple times a week…nothing major, some range of motion..maybe some massage. You can still do some exercises on that leg you know. For instance, you can do straight leg raises…side lying leg raises, lying on your stomach leg raises…you can do tons of ab work with that foot up in the air…hope this helps, good luck


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