Achillies Tendon?

On the back of my left leg there is a lump about the size of a peach pit at times.
It is very tender, afte I have been sitting or laying down and get up it is difficult to walk for a minute or so.
I just noticed the lump about three weeks ago.
I think it has been there because of the pain after getting up.
The pain has been going on for about four months.
The lump seems to be on my achillies tendon or on and partially beside it.
It get larger at times and then goes down but no away.
It is even with my ankles, but on the back of the leg.
What is this and what is done for it.

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    I have the same lump in exactly the same place and the same pain as you discribe but mine began about 3 and a half years ago. I had an MRI which the doctors say shows that my achilles tendon is torn about one third of the way through. I was told it would probably take a couple of years to heal but I wasn’t given any “therapy” or anything. Since it still is about the same as several years ago, I’ve started doing my own research (that’s how I saw your post) and I’ve decided to purchase and use a night splint/brace to keep my foot at a right angle during the night. I’m going to try this for four to six months and if I don’t have any improvement, I’ll go to another doctor, maybe check out a surgical possibility. Good luck, I hope you heal faster than me!


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