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This past couple of days I have had an ongoing pain in my bicep muscle. I used to continuously lift weights here at home with no problem. Althuogh this year I have weight training at school and I also lift weights with my basketball team for conditioning.. I have obviously stopped lifing at home, but the other day when I woke up I had this horrible feeling in my arm.. I cannot lift/hold heavy objects, extend it all the way out in front of me, raise it too far above my head or even bounce a basketball… It throbs at times as well. I was just wondering if maybe I strained or pulled my bicep muscle?? Thanks

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    While trying to loosen something with a screwdriver I was really twisting the screwdriver and I had a searing pain shoot through my arm. Since then, About 3 weeks, it has been sore with some throbbing at times, also if I overuse it it becomes quite sore. I can squeeze it ok and lift not too heavy items. At times no pain at all. Do you think something is torn or just maybe strained. Is resting it the answer?


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