Ankle troubles!

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Need help!
In february I slightly twisted left ankle, the “was-good” one, walking on stupid pavement. No complete twist at all, no pain, no symptoms at all. Slight pain for a week when in bed and at touch. After more than 2 months, still pain at touch and after playing football or running: what can it be?
Thanks 4 help!

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    One week ago approximately, as I restarted playing after 1 month of forced stop(several unrelated reasons), I was kicking the ball with right foot. Very badly, no coordination so that I kicked very high and I felt sudden sharp pain on left, weight bearing ankle. Very very painful for a few minutes and re-intensifying of this pain that now is getting really nasty in every change of directions or even when I walk and I don’t put down the foot properly.
    I don’t know what but smthg should have happened in my foot becuse all of that is not normal: any suggestions? I think I’ll need a check if it goes on!


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    It would seem to me that you perhaps didn’t leave it long enough before going back to sport. How long was your lay-off?

    Sometimes even a minor sprain can require 2 weeks+ to heal adequately to allow pre injury sporting performance to be regained.

    It may be that you just need some complete rest from sport to finally clear this up.

    Hope this helps……


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