To whom it may concern…Hello!
I am a student and I need some help for an english paper. I have seriously considered becoming a physical therapist, so if anyone could answer any of these questions for me that would be great.
The more, the better. Be sure to leave your name with it.
Thank you!1.
How important is writing in your field?2.
What kind of writing do you from day to day?3.
What kind of writing processes do you use personally?4.
What kinds of writing processes do you think students need to know?5.
Who in your department pays particular attention to writing?6.
What is the most difficult aspect of writing in your discipline?7.
What kind of writing training do you wish you would have had as a student?

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    May PT

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    Writing…you have to be fairly detailed, but brief. The kind of writing I do daily is patient notes, evals and maybe a w/c writeupThe type of writing process I use is a SOAP note (subjective, objective, assessment and plan) and lots and lots of sentence fragments. The writing processes I think a student needs to know is the facts and only the factsEveryone in my dept. pays attention to writing as they are all writing notes for doctors to read and insurance companies. The most difficult aspect of writing in my profession is all the paperwork that we medical professionals have to do these days to get paid by insurance companies. I think I had adequate writing training as a student. The hardest thing was to realize that medical writing is NOT creative writing…no flowery stuff here.OK…I’ve had enough writing…good luck!! Mary


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