bad pain top of foot by 2nd/3rd toe and ball of foot.

As I stated in the subject line I started jogging about 3 months ago and a week 1/2 ago.. I started getting severe pain in the ball of my right foot and on the top near my 2nd/3rd toe with swelling in the toes and top of foot.
the day after it started I applied ice and I didn’t go for my usual jog..the next day it hurt while I was at work I wear sneakers and walk alot at work. so I bought new sneakers and inserts for cushioning.. I started jogging/walking again..but the pain still persists…??
Is this something serious enough to go to my MD or just stop exercising for a week..(which I really don’t want to do)..??? thanks…oh I am a female in my 30’s, no health problems not overweight..


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