big bump on pinkie toe

I recently bought new shoes and sneakers and have been breaking them. I have very wide feet, and all the tightness around them has caused me to get a very large bump on my left pinkie toe. I am not sure if it is a corn or callus, but any suggestions?
do you think a simple thing like the dr. scholls, corn and callus remover will do the trick? I have a band aid on it now to provide some cushion, but now my old shoes are even giving me a lot of discomfort when walking.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    Without seeing this I can not say for certain. I NEVER recommend Dr, Scholl’s corn remover. I have seen too many complications from this acid burning the skin and even serious infections.You would be best served making an appointment with a podiatrsit.


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