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I injured my elbow while building an addition on my house 4 months ago and my elbow still hurts. I am an avid Bowler who just came from the ABC Nationals and has been bowling through the pain. I had bowled the highest series of my career just before the injury, but my game has been slipping since. The inside part of my elbow hurts while I hold the ball up on the approach, and my arm gets tiered after 2 games. It accually hurts just about anytime I try to pick something up. After bowling or just at the end of a day at work MY ARM GETS PRETTY SORE AND STIFF. The pain is always on the inner part of the elbow. I injured my elbow while lifting a sheet of OSB board up to the roof to a friend. The lifting motion was from the knees to over the head, and I FELT A PAIN AND A POP. I have read some of the other postings and feel like it is probably a torn tendon. Any advice on how to speed up the healing, and can anyone recommend a good brace that I could wear while bowling. Something that could help support the wait of a bowling ball but be flexible enough to throw it.ThanksRICH


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    Could be a torn tendon or maybe tendonitis. You really should get this looked at to diagnosis it properly. Now the bad news…you should stop bowling for a while to let it heal. In the meantime you could wear a counterforce elbow brace and avoid lifting heavy objects. Go see a doctor!


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    Thanks for your reply MYA. I for one appreciate the time you have taken to reply. And yes, I know I need to give up Bowling for awhile to let it heal. Fortunatly there are only 4 weeks of league play left in the season. And, of course I am to stubborn to quit now. However, I plan on taking your advice seriously and relax till it heals on its own as soon as the season is over. If I do not see any results after a few weeks of taking it easy I will definatly be seeing a doctor. Ide see one now, but I feel that just leaving it alone for awhile should do it. And yes it does still hurt, and sometimes it seems like it is getting worse. Thanks againRich Baxter


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