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Hello. In a softball game last Tuesday 3-18-03 I ended up tweaking(hyper extended) my knee when my foot planted and knee kept going the way it isn’t supposed to…. bummm mmmer…
The next couple of days it was a lil bit swollen.
I’ve done the R.I.C.E. and the pain is definately dissapating. I also have a knee brace on, more so as a reminder that my knee isn’t healed up yet. However, I spoke to the md and he said rest it for 2 weeks then exercise it.
What exercises should I be doing when that time comes?? That’s in about a week.
I would appreciate any input possible as I have received different advice from friends.
I just need some clarifictaion, please.
Thank you greatly for your time and a quick response would be totally awesome. Take care.

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    What I recommend after the third week is for you to perform complete lateral movement of the knee. If pain is still beyond a level of discomfort cut back and let it rest for another week. If you still have swelling or pain, I recommend that you get an MRI and XRAY ray to see if you have some ligimant or hairline fracture


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