Broken Ankel

Hi my name is Emma and im 27 years old.
I broke my ankle Nov 19th 04 and was in a cast for 10 weeks.
The doctors said it was ‘slightly dislocated’ but I might get away with it.
I fell down some stairs and was wearing high heels when I received this injury.
It is now May 05 and still have some swelling and cannot wear heals.
The Achillies is also still swelled.
My doctor did not show me any exercises to do nor send me to a physio therapist.
Ive recently been to my doctor and he said if this persists to go back to him and arrange physio.
I have been doing some walking recently to see if this helps but it seems to be making it worse.
Will this swelling go away and will my ankle ever get back to normal.
Please help.!!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    It would be inappropriate for me to make any suggestions as I have not exxamined you. I recommend you return to your doctor and point out that you are still in pain. Perhaps a new x-ray or even a MRI is indicated. Then physical therapy might be a consideration. Good luck


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