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hi, I fractured my ankle and had it put in a cast on 5th April and I was told I would be in it for six weeks. However, being a young, healthy 18 year old I believed it would take less time. And today I discoved that I can put more-or-less all my weight on the cast (less than 2 weeks later). Is this a sign that it might be healing much quicker than expected? Is there a support I could wear with a shoe that would enable me to walk?

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    Though you may be young you human tissue heals at a consistent rate. If your doctor told you to be non-weight bearing for 6 weeks he meant it. Whether or not you are “able” to pu weight on the cast does not mean a darn thing. It just means that you could delay the healing process or mess up the healing fracture. Something you don’t want to do at such a young age as you will have ankles problems for a really long time. Do what your doctor says and don’t try to rush things…


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