Broken first metatarsel

I am glad to find this board.
I was a customer at a car dealer having a car repaired.
They were keep ing my car and opened the door for me to get out my phone charger.
Told me to get in and then they brought the hydraulic lift down on my foot. My first metatarsel was broken at the highest point and there was much swelling and bruising all around.
It is now 8-9 weeks later and I’m still waking up with aching in the middle of the night. I can’t walk on my foot properly and have to put my weight on the outside of my foot. My ankle makes popping and snapping noises and my back went out from all the limping.
My question is… the orthopedist that I am seeing has never felt the need for an MRI.
Since this is a liability claim and they are paying for medical bills while the claim is open, I just have this feeling that I would like an MRI.
I have asked twice and was told that it just wasn’t normal to have to do an MRI in this kind of fracture.
Am I just being paranoid?
Thanks so much!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without seeing your foot or x-rays I can’t say for sure. It is not generally customary todo a MRI of a simple fracture. Certainly the information is useful if a diagnosis is not clear and more studies are indicated. The pop and snap you hear may be related to tendons that might be irritated. For that, a MRI is very useful.Short answer, if you get a copy of your records and get another opinion by someone who can evaluate the entire picture, possibly a MRI is indicated.


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