broken heel bone – recovery

I have a quiestion concerning recovery after broken heel bone. My friend had fell during work from 5 meter height, and has broken heel bone. the fracture needed surgery and the doctor has taken piece of bone from his pelvis and fixed it on the rest of the done with 4 screws. The screws were removed 2 weeks ago, and now he is on physical therapy. This morning he slipped and fell, so now he feels moderate pain in his heel and worries about the consequences? I’d like to know how long would it take for him to recover fully, and to walk normally again? thank you and sorry if my english is bad 🙂

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    While you described the situation, what I can not answer is the length of time required to heal the heel fracture. If your friend slipped and fell, the doctor should be told immediately.


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